Sunday, December 16, 2012

A few of my favorite things.....

Well, I have been a little AWOL lately because there have been so things that I have needed to do. Yes, my plate has been a little full.  However, I have been planning to share with you "some of my favorite things" that you might want to consider as gifts this Christmas season.  Yes, they are of the preparedness vein, but I think they are cool as well.  I will be sharing several of these with you before Christmas over the next few days.

Food Saver Jar Attachment:  These come in mouth and Regular mouth sizes.  They traditionally do not come with the Food Saver unit themselves.  These are great for 'dry canning'. Foods that have oil or have fine particles lend themselves to these well. Reportedly, things dry-packed this way can last up to 7-9 years.  Try Rice, particularly my favored Brown Rice. I also have other more 'exotic' rice that I like to store. This is a perfect way to purchase large amounts and store.  Think about your Chocolate Folks!  This is a great way to keep it from going rancid!

Also, you can use this to help Marinate meats in jars (to put in your refrigerator while Marinating) on the same day you are going to prepare your meats for a meal.  

Here is Kellene Bishop from Preparedness Pro demonstrating how to do it.  Learn from the Pro herself!

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