Saturday, December 1, 2012

Cooking a my Grill!

Don't you ever wish you had an additional oven when you are cooking a big meal?  There are other times that you may not want to heat up your kitchen when baking a big item.  Well, look what I did today.  Yes, I really did it.

I removed the upper shelf from the Grill.

I decided to place the shelf diagonally across my grill.

I heated the grill to 350 degrees. This took a little fiddling to get it.  I finally had to use just 2 of 3 dials that come with my grill. Then, when the temperature was steady (this took a few minutes), I got ready to put in the Turkey.  Yes, I really mean a Turkey.

I prepared the Turkey and placed it in a Cooking Bag.  I love these Cooking bags.  They help keep the meat moist and contain the drippings.   Now, notice the grey wire.  I placed the probe into the turkey (not touching the bone).

The other end of the wore is attached to this Device.   It is an Onieda Digital Probe that I bought at Bed-Bath-and Beyond. It allows you to program the temperature that you are seeking and will 'beep' to let you know when it have been achieved.  This is how you can cook your Turkey and know when it is done without opening the lid of the grill.  This is important because each time you open the lid, you loose a significant amount of heat.

I placed the monitor on the counter next to the grill.  You can see that when I put the turkey into the was late afternoon.  By the time it was finished, it was early evening.

Here is the turkey just after the lid to the grill was opened.  Just in case you wanted to know, the little plastic device that 'pops' to show that the Turkey is done had actually popped.

I brought the Turkey inside and opened the bag.  The meat actually fell off the bones.  This bird was cooked beautifully.

I had Rooster Senior carve the Turkey and place it on a platter.

With a little more carving, the Turkey will be ready for the "Break the Fast" dinner with the Young Single Adults tomorrow.  I will reheat it in the oven along with the Spiral Ham.  If you remember from a previous post...there is no meat at these meals.  This time, the Bishop asked that we bring some!  I don't think it will be around long!

Take away points:

  • You can bake in your Grill.  I have actually baked bread in my grill and it came out just great.
  • It was important to raise the Turkey off the grill surface so that it was centered in the Grill/Oven.  That way the heat could circulate around the Turkey better.  The meat was not charred on the bottom.
  • I put soap on the bottom of the Pan to avoid darkening my pan.
  • The backyard smelled great!
  • This could really be a great consideration if you do not have power and the contents of your freezer are thawing.  

You can bake in the Grill.  You have to watch the temperature initially to make sure you have your settings working correctly.  It is a great option and will free up your oven(s) in the kitchen.  I think I will do this again.  It was so simple and the probe made all the difference.

Try it!

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