Friday, September 17, 2010

It's Constitution Day........

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On September 17th, 1878, brave individuals came together at great personal risk to for the Constitution of the United States.  In August 1953, the United States Senate passed a resolution designating September 17-23 as Constitution Week. The Senate and House approved the resolution and it was signed by President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

The law establishing the holiday was created in 2004 in an Omnibus bill, but was 'signed into  law' in 2007.  During this time, schools are required to educate students on the Constitution and citizenship.

I am a firm believer that education begins at home.  Take the opportunity today to review this revolutionary and sacred document.  Find the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights here.  You can also order pocket versions of the Constitution for free at this site.  If you want to go 'techno', get an app for your phone at here

Test your knowledge of the Constitution at the Constitution Quiz. You may surprised how much you do and do not know!

Fun activities to celebrate include:

1.  Crossword Puzzles

2.  Treasure Hunts

3.  Word Search or Word Find

4.  Lesson Plans

Finally, see this video from the History Channel.  This truly is an inspired document to have so many people with so many ideas come together and come to a consensus. 

National Constitution Center: Constitution Day

Happy Constitution Day!

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