Sunday, September 12, 2010

It's Week #3 in September and the target items are.......

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I hope you all got stocked up on your Pasta last week....what an easy one to gather huh?  This week was specifically timed for those of you in our area to hit the case lot sales sponsored by many grocers in Utah.

The two items this week are:  Canned Fruits and Frozen Fruits.

Canned Fruits:

There are two meanings to "canned fruit".  Here is a time honored one...

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Here is another very, very familiar option:

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One thing to consider as you purchased commercially packed fruit is the expiration date.  Most should have a "Best by   (date)     .  The commercial packing companies used to have a system that utilized a Julian Calendar (developed by Julius Ceasar) that specified the date it was packed as the only identifying information.  Some manufacturers now include both pieces of  information.  For example, I pulled out a can of Peach Pie filling from my storage.  According to the Julian Calendar, it was processed on the 273 day of 2009 at 12:51 a.m.  The "Best By" date is June of 2012.    This date also helps you to know how often you need to rotate and re-supply that particular item in your storage.

Frozen Fruit:  Why would you have fruit that is Dehydrated (a focus item used earlier this year), Canned, and then Frozen?  Because if one of those 'systems' fail, you have 2 other types to still provide you with needed fruit for your diet. 

You can purchase frozen fruit from many retailers.  However, this is easily done at home.  See this Link for instructions on how to do it at home.  It is called "Flash Freezing".  I love to use these frozen fruits in smoothies, muffins, making ice-cream, etc.  They are so convenient to have as well.

So, get your lists ready, and go!

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