Thursday, July 8, 2010

Peanut Butter.....

Can you believe all of the different types of peanut butter?  I took this picture in a large grocery store....and I didn't get all the different choices of Peanut Butter all in one picture!  However, choice is a great thing!  There are not only different brands, but different types of Peanut Butter ranging from Old-Fashioned  to smooth and my personal favorite....Chunky!

The history of Peanut butter varies depending upon who's source you are reading.  Some state that it make have originated in Africa, others say it came from an unknown physician  who was attempting to find a way for his endentuous (toothless)  patient's to eat.

(Dr. John Kellogg)
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Most seem to agree that Dr. John Kellogg (of cereal fame) addressed peanut butter as a source of vegetarian protein and referred to it as "Nutmeal". 

(Dr. George Washington Carver)
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Another famous name appears in Peanut Butter history and that is Dr. George Washington Carver. He researched the humble Peanut and developed hundreds of uses for peanuts. 

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In 1904, over $700.00 worth of a new treat, Peanut Butter, was sold at the Universal Exposition in St. Louis. 

Early Brands of Commercial Peanut Butter were:

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Early attempts of Peanut Butter resulted in the oil separating from the rest of the ingredients and mixing was required. So a manufacturer in California that began selling "churned" Peanut butter.  This brand eventually became the Skippy Brand.

Then, we get back to present day....where we have so many choices of Peanut Butter, that they all cannot fit into the same picture.

Finally, here is an up and coming favorite....Nutella made from Hazelnuts.  My grandsons love it!

So, stock up today.....and get a spoonful for yourself now!

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