Sunday, July 11, 2010

It's week #3 in July and our target item is.....Sugar!

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The focus item for this week is a very basic is sugar.  As you most likely are aware, there are many different types.  The difference between most is the size of the crystal.  You may or may not have heard of all of the following:

Baker's Sugar (Used in the baking industry for things like sugaring doughnuts etc)
Confectioner's Sugar (Used for making frosting etc)
Course Sugar (Use for decorating)
Granulated Sugar
Sugar Cubes (remember using these for the various science fair projects your kids had to complete?)
Brown Sugar (retains some of the Molasses, can come in light or dark)

Of course, these will fit into the "Sugar" category of your long terms storage.  We have already added Corn Syrup, Jello, Jelly, Jam, and Honey to this category this year.

Think of all the fun things you do with sugar. 
Try a new recipe and expand your horizon's!

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