Thursday, July 8, 2010

Alright Class....Pop Quiz Today!!!!!

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Yes....this is a Pop Quiz!  So, ready or it comes!

Question #1:  What is the beautiful image above depicting?   Here's a hint, it is something very familiar!

For all the remaining questions, there is a general answer for all and specific answers for each question as well.  Try your hand at it.  And, because I am not completely heartless, the answers are at the bottom of the post.  Good luck.....see if you can get an A+!

Question #2:  Identify this substance.  (Don't I sound so scientific?)

Question #3:  Identify this substance.  (I decided to stick with this winner question....)

Question #4:  Identify this substance.

Question #5:  Identify this substance.

Question #6:  Identify this substance.  (How are you doing?  Do you need to cheat off your neighbor's paper?)

Question #7:  Identify this substance.

Question #8:  Identify this substance.  (It's nearly time for recess...keep going!)

So, are you ready to score your own papers?  Okay....if you do well you can be the line leader to go out to recess!

Question #1:  This is the crystallin form of salt.
Question #2:   Did you guess Canning and Pickling Salt?  And, by the way, this is a good type of salt to have when you wish to can....and I do mean you when I said..'can'.
Question #3:  Wow, Kosher Salt!  This is good for baking wonderful things, like those giant pretzels that you buy at the Mall!
Question #4:  Who can live without Rock Salt!  I mean seriously, how wonderful is home made ice cream?
Question #5:  This is RealSalt.  The producers of this product state that it is very healthy for you as it contains additional minerals that are in place when they mine the salt.  And, it is my understanding that it is mined in Redmond Utah.  See   for more information.
Question #6:  I can't live without my Garlic....or for that matter....Onion Salt.  There are many 'gourmet' salts that are wonderful to have when grilling as well.
Question #7:  Recognize it?   It is your traditional Iodized Salt that you probably have in your salt shaker right now.
Question #8:  This is Sea Salt.  It is the result of the sea water being dehydrated away.  As you can see, there is not "commercial" container.  I bought this in the bulk area of a store to try it.  I didn't have to purchase much just to see if we as a familiy like it.
So, those were the specific answers.  The general answer is SALT!  This is a essential item for life.  In the past, this has been a very valuable commodity and has even been traded as currency.  We are fortunate to have it available to us in many forms. 
So, go load up on your own types of Salt today!

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