Thursday, July 8, 2010

At Trip to Winco Foods...

I realize I may be behind here, but I finally stopped in at the Orem WinCo  Foods Store.  Believe it or not, I pass by it several times a week and have told myself I needed to find time to stop. Well, today was the day. 

Yes, I was pleased with some of the lost-leader pricing.  However, the star for me was the bulk-food section.

They had barrels of dehydrated fruit like these Pineapple Rings and....

Mango slices.

They have a large selection of nuts.  This is important so that you can sample those you may not be familiar with and not have to purchase a large container of them.

There are lots of different grains, so that again you can sample a small amount to see if you like it.  This is also nice to stock up on your sprouting grains.

The spice section smelled wonderful! and prices were fairly competitive.

I really liked the pasta section, lots of different types

Finally, they have barrels of mixes.  This is awesome as you can sample a small amount before purchasing a #10 can's worth.  They even give you printed instructions on how to use it (see the cards at the top of the sign?).

So, I am glad I went and really liked the selection.  You get to bag your own groceries, and you do not have help out to the plan accordingly.

Take a trip soon!

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