Saturday, February 20, 2010

Great Posts ...From Other blogs....Don't miss them!

Hi all:

To find "information", I subscribe to a lot of blogs.  Recently, there have been 2 entries that I thought you would enjoy because I sure did!  Since some of the information in copyrighted, I will only post the links.  Please make sure that you read them!  I really encourage you to do so...I don't think you will be disappointed!

The First comes from Self-Reliant Sisters.  Have you ever recieved the fliers that say it only costs a bizillion dollars to purchase a years supply of food?  Seriously, we have been hood-winked into thinking that.  This post shows how inexpensive it really is to store enough food for one person....for a fraction of the "bizillion" dollar price tag:

Now, I know you folks well enough to "know" how much you will be chuckling after reading this post from The Jet Set.  If you want a good laugh that involves food really can't miss this post.  I'll be very disappointed in you if you don't read it!:

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