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How To Mix Powdered Milk.......

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For the first week of March, our target item is....Powdered Milk. This is a surprisingly versatile product that is often overlooked or misunderstood. Some people won't even consider trying it, but may have it in their storage only because they feel that they are supposed to. So, during this week I plan to show different ways to use this powerful food storage staple.

For this post, I will show you one way to mix Non-Fat Powdered Milk. Most directions call for using warm or hot water to mix the Non-Fat Powdered Milk (Not Instant Powdered Milk...there is a difference).

I learned this method from a wise lady who taught a class at a Relief Society Homemaking Meeting. I only went to this class because I wondered if anyone else would attend, and I didn't want this sister to have prepared for this class without having a good turn-out. However, I was the lucky recipient...and have used her information over and over again. This method I will be showing you was shown me by Sister Iverson......a very smart "chick".

Put about 1 inch of water in the bottom of your blender. 

Pour in 2/3 cup of Non-fat Powdered Milk.  Pulse your blender a couple of times.

Fill your blender with Ice

Fill the blender with water...within about 1.5 to 2 inches from the top.

Pulse your blender to break up the large ice pieces.  Then run it for a short time to avoid a build up of foam.

You can choose how to do this step. I choose to put it in a milk carton.....because people around here tend to get a bit dramatic about certain things. Use a funnel and pour it into your container. Sometimes you get a few chunks of "ice-milk" after blending. When this occurs, use the handle of a fork or spoon and help move it through your funnel. Just poking it a couple of times usually does the trick. You will hear little pieces of ice hitting the sides and bottom of the container. This is so very important. It is the key to making this work.

Set your container into the refrigerator overnight. The ice will have melted and the milk will be...Ice Cold. That is the secret to making powdered milk. It has to be ice-cold to be enjoyed.

What about the flavor? Believe it or isn't as strong as you might expect. Actually, I made this kind of milk for 3 weeks before confessing to my children that I had done it. Here are some things you can do to transition to drinking powdered milk:

Mix one quart at a time and pour it into your milk jug with 3 other quarts of fresh milk.  After a week or so, up the amount to 2 quarts in your gallon jug.  After 1 more week, then put in 3 and after an additional week, you most likely will have transitioned well.
  • Some suggest putting in between a pinch all the way up to 2 tsp of sugar.
  • Others suggest putting in a few drops of vanilla.
What if we only like 2% or whole Milk?  Great question.  Here is some information that helps you do just that with your Powdered Milk:

Why would I ever do this?  There are several reasons:
  • Cost:  ( reports that it costs $1.23 for a gallon of Milk made from Non-Fat Milk Powder)
  • Convenience
  • To use in your baking
  • And, just being prepared
It is simple enough to do, give it a try!


teresajoy said...

Around here, powdered milk is much more expensive than $1.23 a gallon, it cost more than a gallon of regular milk. However, I do like to have some on hand, just because it keeps so well. I'll try this method the next time I have to mix some up.

Anonymous said...

That sounds great I will have to try it. Have you ever made home made whip topping with powdered milk?

My mom use to make it all the time when I was a kid, then as an adult I found a new recipe. My kids love it.

Nicole said...

I'd love to learn how to make whip topping with powdered milk!! I'm new to using powdered milk and can't wait to try this method.

Anne Burgess said...

My granny used to add a pinch of salt and very wee bit of vanilla to the quart when mixing up some instant milk. Tasted pretty good. My aunt would mix half and half instant milk and canned milk. That was pretty tasty too.

Carin Hadley said...

Thanks for your info! I have heard about the Vanilla idea, but not the salt. It is certainly something to try. Thanks for stopping by!

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