Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

Happy Valentine's Day! You may wonder "why" I am putting a picture of a "Newell post" in celebration of this day. There is a reason....and I'd like to share it with you.

Several years ago, we had moved here from the East Coast. We rented a home while we investigated properties that we might purchase to build a home. We looked and looked, and found the choices to be a bit overwhelming. While we were in that process.....Valentine's Day came around.

I was looking forward to some extravagant gift from my husband.....but I didn't see any wrapped packages or flowers! I wondered if he forgot! As we gathered around as a family to celebrate with a wonderful meal and little presents, my husband brought out a "board" with a big red bow on it.

Now, keep in mind that my husband works with wood and sees it as a thing of beauty. I thought I was getting a "beautiful piece of wood". Well, as it turns out, it was this very Newell Post. He said "Happy Valentine's Day, I wanted to give you the first piece of our new home". I was very moved, and felt sheepish about my previous thoughts.

He built the staircase for our home using this post. Many times, as I slide my hand around this ball when making my way downstairs, I remember that Valentine's Day.

Even though I loved getting that "gift", I still love getting flowers.....and he didn't disappoint me this year either. I loved how they arrived; the delivery boy brought them into the house and set them on the counter when nobody was home. Don't be alarmed, the delivery boy...was my handsome son. It's all good!

Now, have a happy Valentine's Day. Do something special for those you love and express your thanks and appreciation for those who grace you life.

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