Monday, February 8, 2010

"On the Lords Errand....."

Elder McKay Burrows was remembered by his family, friends, and the missionaries he served with.  Below are excerpts from the Blog kept by Sister Lundberg, and the coverage by the local news.

In regard to this photo, Sister Sora Lundberg who is the wife to Mission President James Lundbert of the Romania Bucharest Mission states "This was just taken in December. I told Elder Burrows that it looked like he was twins. Then I told him that the photo reminded me of the mirrors in the temple---where life goes on eternally."

I am including several quotes about Elder Burrows from her blog:

  • Two of our precious missionaries, Elder Jace Edwards Davis and Elder McKay Choy Burrows, received an unexpected transfer on January 30, 2010. They had their final interviews with President Lundberg on Wednesday and attended zone conference on Friday. They completed their mission in the Romania Bucharest Mission on Saturday, and have begun a new mission on the other side of the veil.

  • This year in Romania, we have celebrated the 20th anniversary of the fall of communism and the dedication of the land of Romania for missionary work. Elder Davis and Elder Burrows were tiny babies in 1989 when the revolution took place in Timişoara. The elders were crossing paths as they entered this mortal existence with those people who sacrificed their lives for freedom were leaving. Those martyrs who died for the cause of freedom need the gospel. Our two elders from Timisoara were just called home. These two young men don’t need time to be trained in missionary work. They know it. They know how to contact, to teach, and to testify. They are ready to go. I hope Elder Davis and Elder Burrows will be assigned to those who also played a part in bringing the gospel to Romania.

  • A comment from the mother of a returned missionary from this mission:  "Mom, there are two young men who were welcomed into the Saviors presence today with shouts of joy and gladness. Don't be sad. Their salvation is secure". As I type this, Elders Thompson and Stromberg are on their way to Las Vegas to attend the viewing for Elder Davis, and then returning to Provo for Elder Burrows' funeral Monday morning. I know how much it will mean to the families of these two fine young men, to see their companions gathered in their honor.
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