Friday, July 17, 2009

She's baaaaaack!

I have posted this lady's Dehydrating videos before....because she does such a good job. These videos discuss dehydrating frozen vegetables and fruits. You may be thinking "why?". Well, the blanching has already been done for you, and these items go on sale relatively often so it saves you money. It also saves you the time of cutting, peeling etc. Also, it also saves your valuable freezer space!

I recently taught a class on Making mixes from your Food Storage staples. One of the items I displayed was Vegetable soup in a cup. If I had purchased all the dehydrated vegetables for this, I would have spent a pretty penny doing so. If I had dehydrated all of them, it would have been a significant investment of time. However, a bag of mixed vegetables placed in my dehydrator provided the vegetables I needed for the mix....and it worked very, very well. So listen to this "smart chick", she knows a lot about what she is doing!

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