Sunday, July 19, 2009

It's a matter of...... storage space

No, this is not a "Where's Waldo?" picture, but it could be. What is "different about this picture?" Are you not sure? Look closer....

Can you see it now? I recently went to help my sister move into a new home. They do not have a basement or attic to put their food and due to the climate, the garage is not a great place for year-round storage either. So, this was my sisters brilliant idea...

These are Bed Risers (that were purchased from Wal-mart for just under $9.00 for a set of 4). You can see that they elevate the bed high enough to put #10 cans and cases under the bed! We all have heard that you "could" put Food Storage under your bed, but I personally pictured the bed made from Food Storage in the movie "R.M.". As you can see, this is nothing like that "food storage" bed.

How many cans can be stored under a queen-sized bed? Let's see:

The head of the bed is to the right in this picture. After counting, we were able to store 104 number 10 cans under this queen-sized bed. If you are worried about "how it looks" after you are finished, you need to elongate your bed ruffle to mask the storage. The bed is not that much higher as I easily got in and out of another bed that she had on risers.....and I am short!

The next logical question may be....."Won't you forget what you have under there?" The answer is "no". Why, you ask, because you create a log/map of what and how much you have under the bed. See the photo below:

This isn't rocket-science. A piece of line paper does the trick.

So, when you think you don't have room to store your Food Storage, consider this option. It really works!


Anonymous said...

This is an awesome post. FYI - I'm stealing your pics for a food storage how to meeting. Thanks for sharing.

The Little Red Hen said...

Share away!!!! Good luck on your presentation!

Brian Woodland said...

Very cool. Great post!

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