Sunday, June 1, 2014

Stuffed and Delicious!!!

Yum!  It's finally Grilling Season, which is one of my most favorite 'seasons' of the year!  I have a new Gadget that I wanted to try and it turned out very well. 

I recently purchased a Kitchen Collection Stuffed Burger Maker on a recent shopping excursion with my daughter.  (I love the Kitchen Collection many fun things in there!).  I had seen another brand of this device being advertised on the television by a well-known chef.  When I saw this device, my thinking was that I can always afford $6.00 just in case it didn't work.  

Here is a pictorial view (with my suggestions) on how to use this device to make delicious stuffed burgers.

Take a small ball of fresh Hamburger and press it flat with the 'lid'.

Then add your desired toppings. We used Cheddar Cheese and real bacon bits. I found that you really don't need to put a lot in the middle.  Some instructions suggest making a small well in the middle to hold your stuffing ingredients. I used both methods, but the burgers appeared to turn out the same in the end. 

Then I placed another small ball of hamburger in the device and pushed it flat with the lid.

Follow the directions and unscrew the lid according to the arrows on the lid.

There is a black bottom plate (see it on the bottom of the burger?) that you push to help dislodge the burger. Then you carefully dislodge the bottom plate.

This is how the burgers look from a side view. In some burgers, you could see a 'dividing line' between the layers, but most you could not.

This is where I would give you a 'word of warning'.  Spray your grill with a cooking spray before placing your burgers on the hot grill.  As you can see, some of them stuck and 2 of them came apart as Rooster Senior attempted to flip them.

This is how it turned out!  The Burger was delicious and I loved it!  There were not complaints.....or leftovers.  

What is the take-home message?

  • Grilling is actually practicing an emergency skill.  
  • If we had to eat from the grill, this would be a fun edition to your meal planning.
  • All of the ingredients for these burgers came from my food storage.  The Hamburger was from the freezer (in 1 lb bags), the cheese was also from the freezer as was the bacon.
  • The condiments, (including the Relish that I canned last fall) came from my food storage as well.
  • You can have quick meals that are delicious and inviting from your Food Storage Staples.

Consider getting one of these devices.

They are inexpensive and fun!


Anonymous said...

Not to sound rude but did you know that the handle twists apart so you can create a well to put stuff in?

The Little Red Hen said...

No, I didn't! The instructions did not indicate it! Thanks!

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing this. I picked up the same one, but it didn't come with any instructions! I've been unable to find any videos using this particular model of burger stuffers.

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