Sunday, June 8, 2014

Power to the People!

One of the basic needs we all have is power.  Lets face it, we live on our devices, expect that things will light up and work, and also entertain us.  The biggest nightmare I used to have on Christmas Eve was that I forgot to get batteries for the next morning!  

I try to keep a supply of batteries on hand for everything.  I also keep a supply in case of a loss of power or when we are camping, hiking, or just out and away from the house.  My children have found my little stash and I am stocking it more than using them at this point.  I am still trying to find a solution to this little challenge, but it is not a big issue.  I am glad they come home to visit. If that means loosing a battery here or there, then I certainly come out with a win when I get to spend time with them.

I found this Range Kleen WKT4162 82-Battery organizer with Removable Tester on Amazon. It costs just about $10.00.  (FYI, I have not received any remuneration for mentioning this product).  It holds 25 AAA Batteries, 39 AA batteries, 4 9-Volt batteries, 8 C batteries, 6 D batteries, and room for a 5-Button cell batteries (in a top swivel drawer).  That's a lot of power and a lot of options.

It comes with a battery tester.  I love this thing!  It can either be attached or removed for use.  It can check all the batteries that are stored in the tray! Watch this!

As you can see the arm moves so that you can maneuver it to meet your positive pole.  These are AA Batteries.

I had to hold the D-Cell battery in place for the photo.... (now you all know that I am double jointed in my thumb).

The 9-volt took me a minute to figure out how to use the meter.  You have to hold it by the poles, not from the top-bottom as you have seen above.

Here is a bird-eye view.  It holds a lot of batteries.  It even comes with mounting screws if you wanted to mount it to the wall.


I traditionally purchase my batteries from the shopping club.  If you notice, they are sold at room temperature.  When I was growing up, I had several family members store their batteries in the refrigerator and state that it increases their shelf life.  In researching different manufacturers of batteries, the prevailing suggestion is to store them at room temperature.  Well, what is room temperature?  Different folks prefer their homes cooler while some prefer their homes to be warmer.  I choose to keep my in garage refrigerator. They are out of the way, and I don't run the risk that someone will spill something on them in the Garage refrigerator.  (That refrigerator is for extra produce, Rooster Seniors Sodas, and other stored items. No left-overs in there!).  

I checked the life of the Batteries (how long they hold a charge) of the Duracell Coppertop Batteries that I purchased.  I think this is just as important as having them available. Here are the particulars:

  • D-Cell:  10 years
  • C-Cell:  10 years
  • 9-Volt:  5 years
  • AA-Cell:  10 years
  • AAA-Cell:  10 years

So, check you supply.  Do you have enough for emergencies.....let alone Christmas morning!

Check out your supply today!


Pooh's Pics said...

I have that battery tester. I love it! See the 2 metal dots on one edge? That's the 9 volt tester. I think I'll order me one of these.

The Little Red Hen said...

I never noticed them before! I read the instructions that came with the rack trying to figure out how to check the 9-volt. Thank you for your information. I went right outside and checked. Thank you so much!

topmom2000 said...

What a great idea! Thanks! I will go to AMazon and look this up.

topmom2000 said...

Thanks! I will look these up on AMazon!

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