Sunday, January 1, 2012

Its a matter of a Nursing Cover.....for a new baby!

We have a new little grandson who has graced our family.  He came a couple of weeks early, and his parents have been playing a bit of 'catch-up' since he surprised them by his early arrival.  Just a few days after this beloved little one was born, his mother contacted me and asked me if I could make her a Nursing Cover.  This was needed as he actually was born the day before his mother was to have a Baby Shower with her friends.  Since he had arrived, the shower did not happen and she found herself needed a few items, which included a Nursing cover.

I was happy to do this for her.  But, as it was December, with all of it's magical events, I had to make sure I got it done quickly, and still kept my other obligations.  No worries, it was fun to do and did not take a great deal of time or skill. I found instructions from Pinkatilly and modified them just a little.

I choose colors I knew this new mother liked.  I decided to make this Nursing Cover reversible and added a little 'surprise' which I will show you later made from the solid color fabric noted above.

To make this cover, you will need to using "Boning".  I found this package that carried the product in a roll.

Cut the fabric for your cover to a 37" by 25" piece.  As I was making this reversible, I cut both contrasting fabrics to this size.  As you can see from the above picture, I am using a Rotary Cutter, my Self-healing mat, and a straight edge.  This helps me get a precise cut and size.

Here, I am altering the pattern. I cut 5" squares of flannel. After they are cut, fold them into triangles and press into that shape.

Cut the strips (one 37" by 2.75" and the other 10" by 2.75"). Fold in half and sew with a 5/8's inch seam. Sew along 3 sides leaving the last side (small side) open.  Clip the corners, turn the tie inside out and press. Take the smallest strip, fold in half, place through both "D" rings.  Pin the short strip on the right side of the fabric (in half threaded through "D" rings) 6 and 1/2 inches from the center on one side and pin the long strip 6 1/2 inches from the center on the opposite side. Sandwich the strips between the contrasting pieces of fabric. Sew at 3/4" across the top.  Place the boning between the strips in the 3/4" seam. Using a Zig-zag foot, sew along the top edge of the boning encasing it in the seam.

Open the fabric and place wrong sides together.  Top stitch along the bottom edge of the boning (as above) between the two fabric strips.  Turn the fabric again and place right sides together. Pin all edges except the bottom edge and bottom two corners together.  Pin the fabric triangles in the bottom two corners. Pin contrasting fabrics with corner triangle.  Stick each side from the top, turn the corner, and stopping about 8 inches from the bottom corner. Repeat on the other side. Clip the corners. Using the opening created, turn the unit inside out.

As you can see the flannel triangles are in the lower corners. The flannel is mean to use as a bit of a 'burp cloth' to wipe little mouths during or after nursing.

Pin the opening long the bottom closed.  I choose to Top stitch all around the unit to keep both large pieces of fabric together.

To wear, feed the long fabric strip through the "D" rings and adjust the cover to your liking. 

So, how much time did this take?  Well, I got up early and made this before work one morning.  I dropped it off to the new mother during my lunch hour.  It was fast, and turned out really cute.

Give it a try!

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