Monday, January 9, 2012

It's a matter of a Crocheted easy to do!

Believe it or not, I made this Knotted Crocheted Hairband in about 30 minutes.  It was inspired by a post at "You Seriously Made That?". I wore it to church, and got compliments from the Young Single Adults.  I was pleased and surprised.  Also, I am not too proud to say that the pictures in the "You Seriously Made That?"  blog tutorial are much better than mine.  It is difficult to admit defeat, but in this may want to follow her directions until you get to the section on attaching the ribbon..  I made an adjustment to this hairband, which I will show you later.

I made this entire thing from materials I already had.  I love when you can do that, don't you?  Here is my attempt to show you how to do this:

Single Crochet 2 chains.  (You will need a H or a J Crochet Hook).  One chain will have 160 single chains stitches and the other will have 300.  Fold each chain into thirds.

Now, I am going to introduce some 'abbreviations' to help with this process. "LC" means 'long chain' and "SC" means 'short chain'. The letter "R" means right and "L" means left.  So, when combined, "LCR" would mean 'Long chain right side' etc.

Take the LC and make a look with the LCR over the LCL.

Place the SC in a semi-circle on top of the LC.

Take the SCL and place it under the LC loop.

Take the SCL and place it over the LC loop.

Now, don't get lost here.Take the SCR, go under the SCL and over the LC loop.

Pull the ends to make a beautiful knot.

I used Grosgrain ribbon, but you could use Satin ribbon if you chose to. Cut two 15" lengths and two 4" lengths of your ribbon.   Here is where I depart from the method proposed by "YouSeriously MadeThat".

Instead of hot gluing the Crochet chains and the ribbon, I chose to sew them.  For me, I was concerned that the hot glue could be stiff.  In addition, if this headband got tossed in the dryer, I would be concerned that the hot glue would melt all over my clothes. Instead, I used the following method.  I sewed the 4" length of ribbon into a loop. I chose to use my Serger, but his could also be done on a traditional sewing machine.

I slipped the loop over the ends of the Crocheted chain. I slide it down nearly to the ends of the chains.

I then slipped the end of the long length of ribbon under the loop.

Lay all rows of the Chain Stitch side-by-side so that they come from the knot to the Ribbon loop in a parallel fashion.  Using a Zig-Zag stitch, I sewed across the top and the bottom of the loop.  I could have made this a Satin stitch to make it more 'beautiful'.  For me, the Zig-Zag stitch was a functional choice.

Finally, I clipped the ends of the chains just below the ribbon loop.

Here is the finished product.  Just tie it together at the base of your neck.

I was pleased with how well this project turned out, and was grateful it didn't take a lot of time.

What is the take-away here?  If you are new to Crocheting, this project is a really easy introduction, and you get satisfaction very quickly. Having completed something like this gives folks who are new to Crochet the confidence to try something else. It also makes a really nice gift!

Try it!


Deerie said...

Looks nice!! I have been wearing a lot of headbands recently.. I may have to give this a try!

The Little Red Hen said...

Thanks! It's is really fun...and easy too. Let us know if you try it!

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