Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A "Spooky" project....for the little ones.

Well, Halloween is quickly coming upon us.....and I wanted to make something special for our littlest family members who live far away from us. These are pillowcases that each have a different cuff so that each little person has their very own! The body of the pillowcase is the same 'jack-o-latern' fabric. 

For directions on how to make these, please see this link.

Just as an FYI, when I made the Patriotic Pillowcases earlier this year, I was unsure how they would be received.  However, when "Nonnie" (that's me) went to visit and take care of one set of grandchildren earlier this year, I was surprised to see these pillowcases on each grandchild's bed.  My daughter said that they really liked them.  So, I am about to send the next installment. 

Happy Haunting!

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