Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Device that is nice.....

This is a Mixing Pitcher that I grown to love.  I dislike little clumps of drink mix or sugar floating about when I am mixing a drink.  This device helps mix the liquid quickly and efficiently.  Here is my method of mixing using this device.

Fill the pitcher with 2-3 inches of water.

Pour in all your drink mix.  Today, I am making Apple Drink.

Put the lid of the pitcher on and mix the water and dry ingredients until well mixed.  To mix, push and pull the plunger up and down until mixed well. 

Then add most of the water.  The reason I say 'most' is because I like to put ice in this drink when I serve it.   I made this up for a cookout we had later in the day.

Image courtesy of Emergency Essentials

I would like to have shown you the drink that was placed in a very beautiful decanter....but I forgot to take a picture before it was all gone.  That fact alone should let you know how much our little crowd enjoyed the Apple Drink.....and no one knew it was.......Food Storage!

  •  Easy to mix
  • Can be used to mix powdered milk if you do not have power
  • Combines liquid and powder efficiently and quickly.
So, consider adding it to your list.  Here are several places you can purchase one:

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