Saturday, October 1, 2011

General Conference Breakfast.....easy with Peaches

Yes, I have a bunch of Peaches right now.  So, I decided to use them in a breakfast that is fast and easy.....for General Conference.

This is a version of the recipe by Rita Bingham in her book entitled Natural Meals in Minutes

Peachy Cool-er

2 peaches (I used fresh.  Blanch and take the skins off, then slice.  Ms. Bingham's recipe calls for canned or bottled Peaches)
1/2 Cup plain Yogurt
1/2 Cup liquid (I used some skim milk, she recommends liquid from the peaches)
I also added some vanilla to taste.

Blend all ingredients until smooth....serves 2!

Soooooo Easy!  If you haven't taken a look at her book, you should. It has lots of great ideas and recipes involving many food storage staples.  As you read along, you really do want to try the recipes as they look good!.

Enjoy Conference!

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