Monday, June 6, 2011

Summertime Salad....anytime!

Not long ago, my son left for his mission.  We had a luncheon at our home after he spoke in our Ward/Church.  Since it had been a very busy weekend (Wedding, reception, baby shower, family, missionary....) I decided to make things that were good, but easy.  Here is one.  This is a Tortellini Salad that I like to make....from my food storage items. It is really delicious!

It went to my storage room and got Olives and a bottle of Vinaigrette.

I cut up dehydrated pepper slices (that I dried a few months ago) and soaked them in hot water (total time was about 20-30 minutes)

This is a 7 ounce box of dried Tortellini.  It's empty because I neglected to take the picture of if when it was full!

Cook the Tortellini according to the package directions

Strain the Tortellini in a colander.

Add sliced Olives and the re-hydrated peppers.

Place ingredients in a gallon Zip-loc bag and pour in Vinaigrette.

Place in your refrigerator for at least 2-3 hours, or overnight.

I would show you a finished product in a pretty bowl but when the company came, my helpful family members placed the salad in a bowl and served it quickly.  When I thought about taking a picture...well there was really nothing left! 

A variation that you could add would be sliced Pepperoni, which I also have in my food storage.  This is an easy and delicious salad to make from shelf-stable foods that you can store.

Consider giving it a try!


Amy Do. said...

How do you keep sliced pepperoni on your shelf? Is there a special way to wrap it, or do you have it dehydrated? I need to know this! : )

The Little Red Hen said...


I will try to do a post about it. It is really easy.....

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