Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Featured on "Safely Gathered In"

If all the world is a stage, then I may briefly make an entrance.....stage right!  Recently, I was asked to be a guest blogger on "Safely Gathered In".  I really love this blog and was very flattered that they would invite me to  write a post on Gardening for them.  My thanks for their kindness So, if you wish to see my suggestions on please go here.

As for 'real' garden pictures from my back yard, here is this summer's line-up...

I tried an experiment. I sprouted my the peat pellets....with my 'under-the-counter' lighting (...can you see my cookie jar off to the right?).  The red cubes are actually bins I purchased from a Dollar Store that  I turned upside down.  This was a very simple way to sprout as my extra bedroom that I used previously is occupied this year.  These little stars are making an appearance soon.

Although Broccoli is a 'headliner', I really wanted to point out the PVC Pipe. It is the real star of this picture.  I am a very busy person, like most of you are. There are little holes drilled into the bottom of these pipes.  It is hooked up to my automatic Lawn Sprinkling System.  This is great for me as I don't have to remember to water my garden, it is done automatically.  It is a very cost-effective way to water your plants.

Returning for an Encore onions.  They have survived the winter and are ready to go.  I wasn't sure they would last, but they are just fine.  I may plant my onions in the fall this year to see if they come upon their own next spring. 

And finally, a Perennial strawberry plants.  I love to see them begin to grow so early in the season.  Don't you just love fresh Strawberries?

So, Mary....Mary......quite is your garden growing? 

I hope you and your garden are doing well and that you are looking forward to the fresh produce that hopefully is coming your way. 

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