Monday, June 13, 2011

Chef of my favorites!

A couple of years ago, my sisters, my Mother, and I attended Education week together at BYU.  I felt right at home zipping between and through buildings just like I used to many years ago.  My family members blindly followed me around....they sure were trusting.....particularly since I do not have any real sense of direction. 

At the time, 2 of my other sisters were the Food Storage Specialists in their different parts of the country.  So, we were were careful to attend any classes that dealt with that subject.....enter Chef Brad.  His class was held in the Conference Center....which is one of the buildings farthest away from the main campus.  My sisters and Mom would begin walking from the Tanner building, I would scurry to the Law School parking lot and drive over and pick up my family. Why?  Well, my Mom isn't 20 anymore....and we just didn't want to miss Chef Brad.

He introduced us to cooking with grains and to a wonderful Electric Pressure Cooker.  We were so excited about this device that my Mother bought us all one for Christmas!  He also taught unique ways to incorporate grains of all types into meals.  What a healthy and delicious thing to do.

Later last year, he came to Salt Lake City and one of my sisters and I went to his class.  It cost $40.00, but I felt it was well worth it. He made wonderful things, gave the recipes (verbally), gave us yummy things to eat,  and introduced us to a Steam Oven....which is now on my covet list.

Well, perhaps you have seen the "Fusion Grain Cooking Show" that he hosts on BYUTV.  It's worth setting your DVR for.  Since grains constitute a significant portion of long-term storage....don't you think it is worth learning about?  Do you know any grains besides wheat, and rice?  There are so many unique, but tasty grains. 

To view the episodes have already been broadcasted, check out this link. 

Oh, and just in case you are wondering where I got this close-up shot of him.....I asked him to pose after the SLC cooking class.  He was kind enough to do that.

Here is an episode on a wonderful grain called Amaranth:

Learn more about Chef Brad.

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