Sunday, January 30, 2011

Storage Solutions Continued.....

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A few days ago, I posted information on how I organize my food storage staples in square gallon containers.  I had requests for other ideas.  Although I do not believe that I have all the great ideas in the world, I am hoping that I have a few. So, open those cabinet doors and take a look to see what you may need.

These are plastic shoe boxes that retail for just over $1.00.  They are the perfect size to hold your little envelopes of seasonings etc. Another great thing about them is that they stack.  I also like the fact that they are clear so that you can see what is in them.  Use pieces of card stock, cut to size, to make dividers in the box for the different packets that you have.

I have my small spices on Lazy-Susan types of platforms.  I received these as a wedding gift a hundred years ago...and I still use them.  They allow you to see all of your spices and not have some get lost at the back of the cabinet.

So, consider these easy suggestions.  They can help you see what you have and what you might need. They may also free up some additional space for other things. 

Good luck!

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