Tuesday, January 4, 2011

News from the Lindon Family Cannery....

To take advantage of this, you must act quickly.  This is only for individuals who live in the vicinity of the Lindon Home Storage Center (aka Lindon Cannery) in Lindon Utah.

The Lindon Cannery will have two days, January 13th & 14th, for Family Canning Pork & Beans. We are doing sign-ups through the Mysignup.com website. Sign-ups will open on January 6th @ 6pm to begin scheduling. You may go to the website prior to that time to read all the details (prices, limits, etc.) and instructions, but REMEMBER you will not be able to schedule a shift until the sign-up opens on the 6th.


1) Go to: http://www.mysignup.com/

2) Scroll down and look for a grey box that says:

“Searching for a signup? Enter the email address for the person with the sign up below.”

3) Do not enter your email address. In the yellow field inside the grey box, you must enter the Cannery’s email distribution address, (DO NOT COPY & PASTE, YOU MUST CORRECTLY ENTER IT YOURSELF) and hit the submit button:


If you get a blank page, you have not entered the email address correctly or have tried to copy & paste it. Enter it again!

4) Click on the signup that you are interested in scheduling for. Note the date and product indicated in the link’s name.

5) Read the instructions at the top of the sign-up page.


Anonymous said...

I read an article claiming that LDS canneries will not be canning any longer. Has anyone out there heard anything similar?

The Little Red Hen said...

There is some truth that certain items will no longer be canned, but will be available already canned. Please see this link for more information: http://amatterofpreparedness.blogspot.com/2013/05/use-primary-source.html


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