Saturday, January 15, 2011

Organize every needful thing.....

This week our Ward (congregation) Relief Society had a wonderful lesson about the benefits of being organized.  Sister Patsy W. shared her experience of having to move into a new home (that needed significant updating), with new twins (and her other children), & with one car that her husband used to work and church service (which translates into long hours),  She shared how she found a way to plan and organize not only her home, but all the family's appointments. 

She shared some of her favorite tools.  She also taught that you need to have the correct tools, and quality tools.  They need to be available to you (in an apron, or how ever you need organize them) so that as you complete your tasks, you can stay on task.

Healthy discussion took place on finding solutions to frequent situations in many of our homes.

Plenty of visiting and sharing ensued.

Everyone enjoyed the evening, and lingered long after the class was over.....we all needed a break didn't we? Thank you sister Patsy and all those who made the evening so wonderful!

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