Sunday, December 13, 2009

More ideas....Sprouting up!

This is another suggestion for a gift that comes from your Food Storage. This is a gift basket for Turkey wraps....and they are really good! You may note the canned turkey and bottled cranberry sauce, but just to the right is a container of Alfalfa Sprouts that I actually did in just a few days. This is another gift that does not take a lot of one-on-one time....just a few minutes here and there to make this happen.

Last summer, when I was in the throws making jam, I had all of these little containers that the fruit came in. I looked at them as I stacked them up while processing the fruit and had an idea....why not try to use them for sprouting? If you were to purchase Alfalfa sprouts in the store, they often come in containers similar to these. So, I saved some and recently experimented with one.

Here I have two containers, one that is a the equivalent of 2 cups and the smaller is a one cup container.

I took a Paper towel and folded it to fit in the bottom of the container. I had to wet it to keep it from unfolding and popping out of the container. Don't worry that you don't have one of these today, you can still get one. Most grocery stores and big box stores still sell fruit etc in containers like this year-round.

I then put in some seeds, (only a teaspoon is needed for this container).

Drip water over the seeds so that they don't scatter and run out of the weep holes at the bottom of your container.

Now, place the container under a towel. I eventually placed the container on a saucer with liquid that could be absorbed through the weep holes. I left it under the towel until the primary leaves had sprouted. Then I placed it in the light, in my window sill.

Here is the final product after about 4 days. Just as I stated before, this does not take a lot of your personal time or attention, just a few minutes up front and adding some water each day (maybe a total of 30 seconds daily).

Here is the final gift complete with tortillas and a ripe Avocado. If wanted to use more of your storage, you could make the tortillas from your other food storage staples. You could include sprouts with a "Bag-o-Salad" with Tomato's, Onions, etc to give as well. Just use your imagination!

Another Idea.....

If you were interested in giving a gift of "Sprouting", here is another idea that really, really is quick and easy.

Here is a "Sprouting Kit" that you could put together and give as a gift. I like to use a Wide-Mouth jar as it is easier to get the Sprouts out of the container when you are ready to use them.

Cut a piece of screening that will fit inside of a canning lid. In previous posts, I have shown you how to cut down a Mylar bag and seal it into smaller pouches. In this gift, I made pouches small enough to hold ~2 Tablespoons of seed. I will be including 3 pouches with 3 different seeds. Be sure to label the seed so that the recipient will know what you are giving them.

Place the sealed pouches into the jar.

Wrap it up and share with family or friends! Include information on how to sprout and ideas of where to use sprouts in cooking. This one really doesn't take a great deal of time to make.

Just a couple of ideas to consider.....

Christmas Gift!!!


Gifts That Matter said...

Very nice tips. From scratch to a very nice, unique and creative Christmas gift. I really love it. Thanks. :)

The Little Red Hen said...

Thank you! I hope you have a Merry Christmas!

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