Friday, December 11, 2009

It's a matter of.....The Mormon Tabernacle Christmas Concert

It all begins with a ticket! Our family was fortunate enough to be selected from the random selection process that is in place to get tickets. We went last evening, but have attended these events during Christmas' past. Until they began this new random process, we were fortunate enough to see this world-class performance for several years in a row. However, since we have not had the opportunity for several years, it was very sweet to return again.

There was a packed house! Everyone was anticipating a wonderful concert.

We were all assisted to our seats by wonderful volunteers who made several trips up and down the stairs....even after the concert began.

The program was beautifully done and listed a great deal about the guest performers, but sadly, there were many other performers (choir included) who were not credited in the program. There were talented children and adult performers, and the Bell Choir was also featured.

The stage was beautifully decorated and the lighting was well done. When Lloyd Newell opened the program, he informed the audience that this not only was a "Dress rehearsal", but also that the program was being recorded. So, when it comes out next year....maybe I can get out my magnifying glass and see myself!

Finally, the concert began, and Natalie Cole and David McCullough were wonderful. The Choir was unmatched as always, and the music was spectacular. Just a little teaser, we were also treated to a fabulous Organ solo that was very.....let's say....unexpected, but clearly a crowd favorite. The music offered essentially gave notice that the Christmas season has officially been ushered in.

Christmas Gift!

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