Sunday, November 15, 2009

It's a matter of ........Winterizing your car

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We had our first......stick to the ground......snow storm yesterday. It made me think of the need to winterize our vehicles and also to have some emergency preparedness items within our cars. If you recall, we had vehicles stranded not far from our area for hours and some of the elementary school children were required to spend the night in the school as the storm became too severe for them to go home.

Those who were stranded on the highway reportedly ran their car batteries and cell-phone batteries down. Also, some were fortunate enough to have some foods and liquids in their cars.

Here is a video on how to winterize your car. This could be a great Family Home Evening to teach your family how and what to look for.

Finally, this link takes you to a great video on what you need to keep in your car for emergencies in the winter. Things like the type of liquids to drink that don't freeze, etc. Enjoy!

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