Thursday, November 19, 2009

It's a matter of .......Stocking up

I realize everyone is in the throws of getting ready for Thanksgiving next week. However, this is a great time to stock up on may items that are currently on sale for this holiday. Check you local listing (i.e., Savvyshopper at the daily Herald, etc) or look at your local store's online ads.

I purchased turkeys for $.40/lb at a big box store recently and will can the remaining meat. It is so convenient to have canned meat on hand. And, of all canning that anyone can do, I find canning meat really the easiest of all. Put the meat in, add salt if wanted, and can in your pressure canner. That's it. Where else are you going to find meat for $.40 a pound?

Also, there are sales on butter. I buy boxes of it and freeze it. Because space in my freezer is precious, I take the cubes out of the box and put them into a clear tote that fits on my freezer shelf. This way, I don't have boxes falling over, and I can fit more into that space than I could by just stacking me it really works.

Consider purchasing canned pumpkin and other vegetables (canned or frozen) while they are discounted. In the winter the pumpkin can make a wonderful pie, but great bread and soup as well. Frozen vegetables are always welcome and needed for meals and soups.

Spices are also a great buy currently. I just read an ad that offered a "buy one, get one free". If you look at the price of spices per pound, this is a tremendous savings.

Finally, canned goods. There is always a need at home for these, but also at your local Food Pantry. This time of year, in particular, you generous giving can help so many. You dollar can go farther in your efforts to be of service when you purchase these items on sale.

So, as you shop, try to see the bigger picture.....and stock up!

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