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How to lay out your pattern pieces when cutting out Fabric.

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On November 10th (7:00 p.m. at in the RS room), our Relief Society will be holding a class on how to make Pajama bottoms. I am taking this opportunity to provide information to you about how much fabric and elastic you will need. Additionally, information regarding laying out the pattern and cutting it out before you come to class.

If you are wondering where you would get a pattern, I will have patterns that you can check out, you can use your own, or purchase one from a fabric store.. If you plan to check out a pattern, they will be in a basket on my front porch and the sign up sheet will be on my front door. Please indicate your name, phone number, the size of pattern you are taking, and date. Please only keep it for 1 day at a time as we have many sisters who have signed up for our class as of this writing.

Plan on bringing your own scissors (with your name on them), your cut-out pieces and your elastic on 11/10/09. (If you have a sewing machine that you would be kind enough to let us use, please contact the LRH asap please).
  • Fabric: Some Flannel fabrics will be provided. (If you wish to talk with someone about fabric, please call Dawn S. ) However, you have the opportunity to obtain a Flannel fabric of your choosing. I would encourage you to avoid plaids etc that would need extra yardage to match the pattern. Consider getting a fun print or solid for this class.

    As was mentioned today in Relief Society, you can print off a 40% off coupon at Joann's Fabrics (, purchase "flat folds" at the fabric store in AF, or consider the big box store nearby to purchase flannel from $1.00 to $2.75 a yard. Also, we will be inserting Elastic for the waist.

  • Non-Roll Elastic: Measure the waist of the person you are making these for. Do not stretch the measuring tape. Take the measurement and add 1 inch. This will let you know how much Non-roll Elastic you will need to bring for yourself.

    Here are the yardages by size. All yardages are based on fabric that is 45" in width:
  • Toddlers Size 1-4: 3/4 to one yard
  • Children's sizes: 5 & 6 (boys or girls): 1 yard of fabric
  • Boys size 7: 1 yard of fabric
  • Boys sizes 8, 10, 12: 2.5 yards of fabric
  • Girls sizes 7, 8-10: 2 yards
  • Girls/Boys size 12, 14: 2.5 yards
  • Youth-Adult sizes Small, Medium, Large: 2 and 5/8th yards
  • Youth-Adult size Extra Large: 2 and 3/4 yards

Please plan to cut out your pattern/fabric before the class if you can. This is such a simple pattern, that it really won't be that difficult. To help you know what to do, please see the following videos on how to lay out a pattern, and how to cut out fabric with a pattern pinned to it.

If you are uncomfortable trying to cut the fabric at your home, contact Gayle L or Dawn S for help. (You need to contact the LRH if you cannot cut your fabrics out ahead of time. Please do not count on having time for everyone to cut out and sew that evening, but we will make every attempt to do so).

If you come with your pattern cut out, please know that our goal is to send you home with a completed pair of Pajama bottoms. Hopefully this will inspire you to make more pajamas, try a new project, or use the skills you learn to mend clothing at your home.

Isn't this going to be fun?

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