Sunday, May 24, 2009

We will remember.....Memorial Day

Some of us know of service men and women, some know them first hand, and still others have them as family members.

My Father-in-law was a Marine in that horrific battle in Iwo Jima as a lineman. In the dark of night, they had to repair the "line" to keep communications open. They had to do it with lighters, which made them targets for the snipers. As I see my FIL as a gentle and kind individual, I cannot imagine what experiences he is choosing to take with him when he meets his eternal rest.

We also have a Son-in-law who is serving in the Marines and has already completed one tour in Iraq. He is quiet about his experiences there and chances are good that he will be called up to serve again.

It is selfless individuals such as these that have carved out the freedoms that we enjoy and count on. I hope you take a moment on this holiday to thank a service man or woman. We owe them much.

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