Tuesday, May 5, 2009

“Marlene's Magic with Food Storage's” Steps 1 & 2

Before the LRH moved into this area, I understand that was a very knowledgeable and talented sister by the name of Marlene Peterson who resided here. She reportedly had a large family and was the "go to " individual when it came to food storage. She even published a book entitled “Marlene's Magic with Food Storage" (http://marlenesmagic.com/). Sister Alice A. recently lent her copy of this wonderful book to me. She shared it with me with reverence as she said it was from her good friend....Marlene. I was honored to have the opportunity to be entrusted with such a gift.

I read with great pleasure her common sense approach to food storage as this topic can become very overwhelming at first glance. I had to purchase my own copy because it is such a great resource. At the website that sells her book, they have graciously offered "handouts" to be used in ward lessons on food storage. Since our ward lessons are now a combination of actual classes and webnars, I will give her basic 7 steps in the next few blog entries that are offered at the website listed above. If you share the information, please ensure that proper credit is given to this wonderful individual. Please know that she makes a great deal of sense. Thank you Sister Peterson for your talent and wisdom!

“Marlene's Magic with Food Storage's” proven 7 steps will help you build the food storage reserve that will give you and your family peace of mind. Whether it’s a natural disaster or a personal rainy day, this extra food will get you through those tough times and keep you healthy.

Step 1

If I Have:
• Wheat
• Powdered Milk
• Oil
• Salt
• Honey or Sugar
• Water

I Can Make:
• Sprouted Wheat
• Cooked Cracked Wheat
• Tortillas
• Gluten

Step 2

If I Add:
• Yeast
• Baking Powder
• Powdered Eggs
• Baking Soda

I Can Make:
• Sprouted Wheat
• Cracked Wheat
• Tortillas
• Custards
• Puddings
• Pancakes
• German Pancakes
• Cookies
• Waffles
• Muffins
• English Muffins
• Crepes
• Pasta
• Breads
• Biscuits
• Crackers
• Mayonnaise
• Egg Noodles

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