Friday, May 29, 2009

Blogs and links to check out!!!

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I recently had the opportunity to speak at an Enrichment meeting in a Provo BYU Married Ward. As I drove in south Provo, memories came flooding back as I lived in that area when I was a student at BYU. Those memories are fond to me.....even the ones that required me to struggle! Anyway, in answer to some of the questions that were asked, I suggested many of the following links to assist these young sisters in their quest to be prepared. I thought I would share them with you as well:

  • "Where do I find recipes?" Certainly, when I was in school, I cherished the recipe book and cards my mother and grandmother gave me....and still do. Today we have many options online. Here are a couple that I have used several times. Sometimes I will go into the site and just enter the ingredients I have on hand and see what recipe(s) pop up. Some sites will rate the recipe for you. Here we go:,, These are some I use, but if you Google the word "recipes", you will find a wealth of information.
  • Making your own mixes: I will be teaching an upcoming class (most likely in June) on making your own mixes from food storage staples. However, you can search for recipes on your own. If you have access to "Gifts in a Jar" books, these are great mixes to make and save for your family. There are also multiple sites that will suggest many offerings for either making your own mixes or 'Gifts in a Jar'. At, they do have some recipes for mixes that allow you to alter the number of servings. By doing this, it automatically recalculates the amount of needed ingredients to make the mixes.
  • Good blogs to pay attention to: I have a few that I subscribe to (& you can do that with this blog also). That way, I do not have to go and check and see what is "new". A notice comes into my box and I can choose to view it or not. (I always view it....I just can't help myself!). Here are a few of the sites I have found to be very helpful:,, & This is not an exhaustive list, but I find their information wonderful.
  • Subscription services for sales at local Supermarkets: There are a couple of subscription services that are free. They send you an email to let you know what is on sale at each store and will even rate the item for you to let you know if it is really a good price or not. Suggestions are also made for coupons to use to make the sale even sweeter. Please see my post dated March 5, 2009 (under the label of "subscription service") for details on these sites as well as making or using a Price book.
  • Lindon Home Storage Center (formerly known as the "Cannery"): Please see the label "Lindon Home Storage Center" below for specific information on this wonderful resource. It includes the link to print out an order form as well as the phone number and address of this facility. It is dated April 23, 2009.
  • Cooking without power: We briefly discussed using camping stoves, Dutch oven cooking, and solar cooking. Please see the post entitle "Solar Power" dated April 14, 2009. Please, please scroll down to the very bottom of the post to find not only a picture, but the link to the directions to make your own Solar Cooker. It is based on research by BYU to help provide cooking opportunities for refugees in camps. I made one and used it at Girls Camp last year. It's easy.
Check them out today!

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