Friday, July 8, 2016

Powerless Cooking: Baking a Casserole in a Grill...

A Matter of Preparedness

This was the scene last Monday morning, on the Fourth of July.  We were enjoying the weekend in a Cabin with some family-friends.  It was early morning and the group was anticipating Breakfast.  This Cabin comes equipped with a Propane stove complete with an Oven in the kitchen.  Our dear guests had prepared a Breakfast Casserole anticipating that it would cook in the Oven.  

But, as many of us know, the best laid plans do not always work out.  The Oven decided not to work.  Our friends attempted to cook it on top of the stove on the burner.

As I have experimented with cooking and baking inside of a grill, I suggested that we attempt to cook the casserole in the grill.  Initially, there appeared to be some hesitation, but we went outside and fired up the grill.

A Matter of Preparedness

You may have to remove the upper shelf if you grill has one. We did remove it to make room for the skillet. We were fortunate enough to locate two bricks to put under the Cast Iron Frying Pan. This helps to elevate the food and allow the flow of heat around the dish.

A Matter of Preparedness

During our first attempt to close the lid to the grill, the handle of the cast iron pan was in the way.  However, by turning the pan and placing the handle in the back corner, we could close the lid. This was one really big Cast Iron Skillet!

A Matter of Preparedness

Use the temperature gauge on the outside of your grill. Most have a gauge on the outside of the lid.  Build the heat to 350 degrees. Once you reach your desired temperature, turn the heat down to low.  This hopefully will keep the temperature at a constant. The casserole baked until it was ready. As noted above, foil was used on top of the casserole.  Our guests peeked every few minutes (even though I informed them that they will loose heat each time the lid was lifted) and they were pleased to see that the top of the casserole was baking nicely with the eggs were setting up nicely.

A Matter of Preparedness

Look at how beautifully it set up. It was firm all the way through and was delicious!  It was a welcome site on a cold morning in the mountains!

Take Home Points:

  • A Grill is for more than just grilling steaks!
  • A Grill is a great piece of equipment that can be used for emergency cooking and baking!
  • A Grill does not require Electricity, but it does require either Propane or Natural Gas depending on your hook-up.
  • In a pinch, we had everything we needed to cook our planned meal and enjoy the beautiful day!

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The Merrill Project said...

I would have never thought of that! We have a propane stove/oven we've bought to use for emergencies. Everyone has a grill though, so it saves money and storage for cooking casserole meals. Thanks for the tip!

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