Friday, July 1, 2016

Our Independence, Our Freedom, Our blessing...

Most of you are probably beginning your holiday celebration for the Fourth of July. I have been very concerned about our precious Republic and her future.  So many of elements of our society, the loud and progressive, have brought about significant changes in our Republic's landscape.  Certainly there really is the landscape, the environment and all that it encompasses.  But I am also speaking to the social, political, and the sacred familial freedoms that we have historically enjoyed.

I do not wish to be political here. However, let's just say that I am looking at Candidates that I may have never sought out before in regard to the Presidential campaign.  I still believe the honor, integrity, wisdom, respect, ethics, and  righteous principals are necessary tools in the toolbox of any President.  I have tried to vote with these ideals in mind my entire adult life.  I see no reason to break away from them now.

I have to admit, I have been a bit discouraged about the course of our beloved Republic.  I have determined that I have been gathering my information from TV and Radio sources that tend to discourage and exploit for ratings despite their political leaning. 

Thus, I was so grateful to find this breath of fresh air....Elder D Todd Christofferson who was a keynote speaker at the Freedom Festival (held annually in Provo Utah).  I am again hopeful and thankful for the many gifts the almighty have given.  I vow again to look forward with hope and faith in this blessed land, and will participate and work to do what I can to ensure Her safety.  

I encourage you to put up your feet, and listen to the amazing speech. (Start at minute 2:09). I hope it will warm you heart during this Holiday weekend as we remember those who sacrificed so much to keep us free.

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