Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Breakfast Casserole for New Years Day.....Overnight in the Crockpot!


I am assuming that many of you will be staying up tonight. You certainly won't be alone.....because a great deal of celebration will be happening to welcome in 2015.  But, after such a late night, who wants to get up early to make breakfast?

Making a Breakfast Casserole overnight in the Crockpot.

Yes, you can really do this.  I even did this with many Food Storage Staples that I had on hand.

The recipe that I use called for Hash-browns.  No problem, I had diced dehydrated Hash Browns in my pantry. 

Here they are after soaking for a short time.  I place them in the crockpot (lined with a crockpot liner)

Place all the eggs in a single dish.

Add the spices such as Mustard Powder....

A little Salt is always good...

A touch of freshly cracked pepper from the mill...

Stir the mixture vigorously....

I like to add Sausage, Bacon, or a combination of the two.  Here I am adding browned Sausage on top of the Hash-browns.

Add the cheese next....

Pour the egg mixture over the other ingredients.....

Begin cooking the casserole on low for 7-8 hours before you plan to serve it.  So, if you are staying up for the "New Years Rockin Eve" tonight, plug this in and let it cook while you sleep.

When you wake up, it will smell delicious!  No work, just joy in the morning.

Try it!  Happy New Year!

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