Saturday, March 15, 2014

My Volcano Stove, Small Packaging...Big Results!

Have you ever purchased something having intention of using it right away?  Well, that is certainly the case for me.  I bought a Volcano Stove and was very excited to use it.  I walked by it several times and saw it in the closet many times.  I kept thinking to myself, "I need to just get it out and try it"...but alas life happened and my poor Volcano stove stayed packed up...waiting to be tested.

I then was asked to teach a class on Powerless Cooking in the Midwest.  Yea!  I finally had the opportunity to make use of it.  And...I love this device.  I purchased the Volcano II which can use 3 different types of fuel.  And, I love that flexibility.

I like to use a Chimney to start charcoal.  I like the fact that it can prepare all the coals in an equal burn.

The Volcano II easily sets up.  With a quick pull on the handle, the collapsible legs set up.

This device has a 2 plates. One for fuel.

And one to hold my Dutch Oven.

This device is designed to control the heat better than traditional charcoal with Dutch Oven Cooking.  

This sliding vent allows you to control the airflow.  Instead of a quick rise in heat with a quick cooling curve, the vent allows for super heat to surround the Dutch oven and have a more controlled burn or utilization of the heat.  

See how nicely the Dutch Oven fits into the Volcano?

Finally, I spaced briquettes around the top.  Then a short time later, we have a delicious Apple Cobbler to enjoy.

Take Away Points:
  • This is a huge addition to your Emergency Cooking plan.
  • It makes efficient use of your fuel, which is a major consideration.
  • It can use wood, charcoal or propane, which gives you many options for cooking.
  • It collapses into a small unit and fits easily into a carrying case that came with my unit.
  • It runs about $200.00.

I will use this over and over again.  I am just sorry I didn't take advantage of this wonderful device earlier.


renal girl said...

I used my volcano stove for the first time this week, too, and I had been admiring it in the box in my food storage room for a few years now! ha ha! I entered Megan Smith's Biggest Prepper's food storage contest and decided to use my volcano stove. It was windy and very cold, so I used the propane attachment first, but couldn't get it to come up to 350 which I needed to bake my food. So then I switched to charcoal which I started in my rocket stove like you did and it worked. I had to do a bit of adjusting on how close I was to the heat, but I learned a lot!

The Little Red Hen said...

Congrats on using your stove! Doing this in the Biggest Prepper contest was a great idea! I hope you plan to use your stove a little more often than we both have in the past:). Thanks for stopping by!

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