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Wrap it up.....

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I have followed "Organize Christmas" for years now. It has helped me have relaxed and well planned holidays for years.  One of the things I learned to do from this group is to have a 'gift wrap center'.  It is an area in your home that has all of your gift wrapping supplies.  I have kept mine in place year-round.  Not only do I use it, but my daughters, husband, and a son or two have used it as well.  

I had this 'center' in my Food Storage room.  I had a table set up with the supplies either on or under the table.  Less than half of the time is the table clear of 'stuff' that people put there instead of putting it all away.  Just picture empty canning jars, various packages of food storage, sometimes sports name it.  Lets just say that I found it very frustrating!  

So, I recently reorganized my Sewing area.  I may actually do a post on that as well.  I really, really like knowing what I have, where it is, and how much of it I have.  I don't have anyone here going through these supplies on a regular basis, so I am hopeful that it can remain this way.  As I was organizing, I looked at this angle...

This is the back of the door to my combination laundry room (on the right of the picture) and sewing area (on the left).  I saw this very blank door!  I used to have "organizing things" screwed into the door to hang my vacuum hoses and attachments.  Lets just say that the vacuum that I had that stuff for is long gone.  Recently, Rooster Senior took most of the 'organizing things' off the door and is using them in the garage...which Rooster Junior is helping to clean and organize.

So, I had this great expanse that was blank!  What else could I do with it?  I went online and ordered the following items off from Amazon (I love that it comes right to my house)

Household Essentials Hanging Cotton Canvas Laundry Hamper Bag

I bought 3 of these.  I like them because they have a metal hanger and a metal frame at the top. I cut cardboard and placed it at the bottom of the bag for stability.

I bought heavy duty Command strips to place in strategic places on the door to hang my supplies.

Don't these organizers look good next to my dirty clothes hamper on the right and basket of projects on the left?  I am kind of kidding...but I think they look great.

Here is a close-up of these 2 hanging hampers/organizers.   

I filled the left bag with wrapping paper and the right bag with gift bags. I use these the most.  Notice that I also included a wire basket hanging just above the hampers?  This is left over from the vacuum organizer situation.  I have put in my tape, ribbon shredders (yes, I actually use them), and tags.  I keep my scissors and measuring tape in the drawer of my sewing area, so I did not put them in the basket.

This is the top of the door.  In the hamper/organizer on the left, I am storing my gift boxes.  I was puzzled with how to store my ribbons etc.  I bought a canvas container to put them in, but it just didn't fit the space like I had hoped it would.  Enter...a dollar-store find.  I used to store my wrapping paper in the mesh hamper/organizer on the right.  I am now putting my ribbon in this container as I can see what is in there.  It is easy to take down either hamper to access the contents inside.  It is just as easy to replace them back on their designated hooks.  

Here is my new wrapping center hanging on the open door. See the counter on the left?  I have a long counter that I use for sewing.  I will now use it to wrap as well.....I love when you can use the same thing for more than one use.  

Here is the finished product....functional and hidden away when I don't want it to be seen.  Best of all, I can now work on my storage room and try to have that table devoted to the work I do in there without any wrapping clutter.

I am toying with the idea of using my Silhouette to cut Vinyl letters to identify what is in each bag. If I do decide to do this, I will update this post or a future post with it.

What do you think?

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