Thursday, July 4, 2013

If we don't remember the past, we jeopardize our future. Celebrating the Fourth of July.....

I am sure there will be lots of celebrations today.  Lot's of family, friends, and certainly food.  That is certainly the case for the LRH and her family.  Water park, grilling, and some of the  pyromaniacs in my family will be doing their thing at our home and most likely elsewhere.  

I am hosting the grilling party today.  I went to the grocery store and saw grocery carts overflowing with all kinds of things.  Mine.....not so much.  I have lots of things already in my pantry and with staples in my Food Storage room as well.  I bought some produce and a couple of other things.  I love knowing that I am not hostage to the craziness of having to buy everything for the holiday.

However, I digress.  Not only do we have the chance to celebrate with loved ones, but I feel that we should also remember.  I would encourage you to remember those serving in the military who did not return,  those who did return but are forever changed, and those who will not have a parent growing up because their parent made the brave decision to serve us all.

I hope that you take a moment to read the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States, as well are the Federalist Papers. 

I hope you thank a veteran for his/her service, I hope you fly the flag proudly, and I hope you never forget how we came to be.  For a 2-minute reminder, please see this video...

And finally, I would hope that you would look inside of yourself and see what you can do to serve our Country and right the wrongs that you may see as well as protect those things that so many of us hold sacred.  How can one person make a difference?  Let's see:

  • Register to Vote....and be an informed voter.
  • Attend your local Caucus or Precinct Meetings if your state has them.
  • Make time to listen and interact with those who are running for office.
  • CALL or CONTACT those who are in office and let them know what your concerns and opinions are.  I have the White House, the Speaker of the House, My Senators and Congressman and State officials programmed into my phone.  That takes away the barrier of finding out the number when I am really frustrated about something...I can just make the call!  I usually call the east coast on my way to work and leave a message.  Faxing is an option as well.  Program your fax machines with the needed numbers.  Add email addresses to your contacts to send your thoughts as well.
  • Fly the American Flag proudly and know how to properly care for it and retire it when the time comes.
  • Listen to more than one source of well rounded.
  • Volunteer in your community.  Your city always has needs and you can be part of the solution.
  • Defend our rights, defend our rights, defend our rights!  Anyone can have a conversation with conviction tempered with restraint.  
  • Be good parents and raise your children with morals and a knowledge of where they live.
  • Be the person that you know you can and should be.
Finally, understand the Pledge of Allegiance.  I love Red Skelton's 'instruction' and I am including it for you.  

God Bless America....

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