Sunday, June 9, 2013

Packing it in!

It is that time of year.  School is out, kids are restless, I personally get a touch of wanderlust.  It's time to go either camping or on a picnic.  How Fun!

Amid the fun, you still need to be taking food safety into consideration. This really is a huge thing to keep in mind as you make your preparations to play.  There are a few things that I would suggest to keep things organized and cool.

These are 2 Cheesecakes that I have in containers with lids.  I stacked them on top of each other.

I put a bag of ice right next to these dairy products.  Even though this is a commercial bag of ice, I often use ice from my ice maker and double bag it in zip-closure bags.

Because I am packing a lot of fresh produce, I protect it by putting a folded towel on top of the ice.  Touching the ice can cause things like brown spots on grapes etc.

I have placed the fruit salad, Strawberries to place on top of the Cheese Cakes, and the lettuce.

Now, remember when I said you don't put produce directly on ice?  Well, here is another example of what I do.

Here I am placing another bag of ice in this towel.

I put the dressings, the tomatoes, cheese etc and the Grape Salad round the ice pack.

Now, where was I going with all of this?

To a Young Single Adult "Break-the-Fast" meal.  Yes, we pack a cooler on Sundays for this too:)

Enjoy your Summer and be safe!

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