Sunday, June 23, 2013

"Grandson Approved"......

Image courtesy of Southern Yankee

I made the most amazing Salad....with the most amazing Croutons.  I have made the mock Olive Garden Salad in the past, but have purchased my Croutons.  It was very good.

However, I wanted to try and make my own.  After looking over various methods to make them, I settled on this one with a few tweaks of my own and have found this method to be easy and delicious.

I had extra Hamburger buns that really needed to be used.  I cubed them and spread them on my cookie sheet.

Here is the part that I really like....I used butter-flavored spray and coated the bread cubes. I chose to stir them up and spray again.  I then sprinkled powdered Garlic Salt and some Parsley flakes on the cubes.

Bake in the oven at 350 degrees for up to 15 minutes.  Mine were done in about 10 minutes.  Cool before using in salads.

I can't tell you how flavorful and light these were. They were not the type of croutons that are hard and so dense that you fear will that they will break your teeth.  These almost melt in your my view they were perfect.

I had some left over so I put them into a zip-top bag.  My nearly 2-year-old grandson saw the bag on the counter and reached and climbed until he got the bag.  He opened the bag and ate them vigorously.  I think that is the best review of this is "Grandson-approved".

So, if you have bread that needs to be used, or if you just want a delicious and easy recipe for Croutons, give this method a try.  

They are really great!

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