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Use a Primary Source......

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I follow several blogs and websites to learn what others are sharing.  I appreciate the time and effort that many folks put into their posts in an effort to educate and inform the rest of us.  Having said that, I have been concerned with a recent post regarding Changes in the operation of LDS Canneries East of the Mississippi.

Now, before I 'go on', I want to talk about something that was drummed into my head in college.  I mean 'drummed' into my head.  What was it? When quoting information or making an inference, make every effort to use Primary Source information.  This means that you seek to find the person or organization who may be the original source to ensure as much accuracy as possible.

I have no doubt the author of this information was attempting to share important information from her standpoint, but you would not believe the concern I personally have heard and seen just in my circles.  Because the LDS Church has a newsroom where they report information and/or they often use KSL/Deseret News as a news sources to report information, I decided to wait for clarification.

The following was reported in the Deseret News on May 6, 2013:

Contrary to a published report, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is not closing its food production canneries and is not limiting the variety of goods that are available to church members for consumption and storage.
"Over time, we will be reducing the number of facilities where the packaging of dry goods occurs," LDS spokeswoman Ruth Todd said Monday. Even then, she added, the church's "home storage centers will offer the same or additional commodities in pre-packaged form, at no additional cost."
The statement comes as a result of questions from a number of different media sources following a blog post asserting that "LDS canneries east of the Mississippi will no longer be canning any food at their facilities beginning June 27, 2013."
That, Todd said, is not accurate.
"The church is not closing canneries and is not limiting the variety of goods available to church members," she said. The only thing being reduced over time is the number of locations at which members can purchase bulk foods and can them themselves.
There are currently more than 100 LDS home storage centers across the United States and Canada at which church members can obtain food items for personal and family use. The home storage centers are part of the church's massive welfare program that includes canneries, meat-packing facilities, thrift stores, farms, ranches and storage facilities for food. Latter-day Saints are encouraged by church leaders to keep a three-month supply of food on hand in case of physical, natural and economic emergencies as part of the LDS practice of self-reliance.
“Self-reliance is a product of our work and undergirds all other welfare practices," LDS Church President Thomas S. Monson said. "It is an essential element in our spiritual as well as our temporal well-being.”

Addendum:  The following information was posted to clarify this situation at the following link:  The Author of the blog post states that there will essentially be  a re-write of the Deseret News Article that will be posted tomorrow.  I look forward to read the upcoming article.

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