Sunday, May 12, 2013

A note about your son.....Elder (Rooster Junior)

Happy Mother's Day to all you sisters who have children/grandchildren and also to those who love and support children as extended family members and friends. Having been an 'extended family member and friend' for several years of my early adult life, I understand the mixed emotions Mother's Day can bring.  However, I would encourage you to accept the thanks and appreciation from loved ones today....right along with those how are called "Mom" as well. 

I have been very blessed this year, and it is only the morning!  Today I am anticipating a phone call from my Missionary who is serving in Friendswood Texas.  I have been wishing for the days to go faster, but we all know that Heavenly Father has his own timeline for everything.

My other children and Rooster Senior have been gracious enough to call, write, send flowers/cards/gifts, and my son who graduated from College a few days ago gave me his tassel...which will be a treasure for years to come!  I am grateful to be remembered by those who I love.

I received an unexpected text from a YSA also wishing me a Happy Mother's day.  That was very unexpected but also touching.

See, I told you today was off to a nice start. However, I received an unexpected email from the Ward Mission leader (a ward is a synonym for a local church congregation) this morning.  The subject line read "A note about your son, Elder _____".  I have to admit, my heart sank for a moment as it is very unusual to hear from anyone but your Missionary or the Mission President when your child is serving as a missionary.  I opened the email hoping that everything was alright. really was. This kind Brother wrote my husband and I a note expressing his appreciation for the service my son and his companion were providing to the ward.  Our son, (who I lovingly refer to as 'Rooster Junior') has been serving in that particular ward for about 9 months.  My husband and I had to wipe away the tears as we read this unexpected, but welcome gift this beautiful Mother's Day morning. Here is an excerpt of this touching email:

We, the members of the _______ Ward want you to know how much we appreciate your willingness to share your son with us in the service of the Lord.  We thank you for raising a young man who stands tall and is a shining example of what a missionary is and what a missionary should be.  He has blessed all of our lives and it is with a great deal of mixed emotions that we will have to say goodbye to him in a few short days. 
As a parent who has had five children serve missions (one of my daughters is serving now), I know that it is a time of great blessing for your family when you have a son or daughter serve a mission.  I also know that you are very anxious to be reunited with your son as he concludes his mission.  Though we will be sad to see him go, he will leave a lasting legacy in our ward and in the lives of the people he has touched, taught, and loved. 
May you and your entire family take comfort to know that Elder ______ has served the Lord with all of his might, mind and strength.  He is a leader and an example to the other missionaries that he teaches and serves. 
May you and your family enjoy the great blessings of the gospel.  May you feel the spirit of the Lord that dwells so strongly in Elder ______.  And may you have a joyous reunion with him.  Surely, he is one of the noble and great ones.  I am sure the Lord is very pleased with his service and will surely say, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant". 
God bless all of you.  And to sister ______ … Happy Mothers Day!

I think I will need tissues for the whole entire day.  It is moments like this that help me realize that all our efforts as parents, and those of extended family and friends help shape the lives of the rising generation.  It is my hope that as a "Sister-in-the-gospel" that we will never doubt the important role that we play as we serve in our little part of the kingdom both inside and outside of the home.

Happy Mother's Day to you every Sister!

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