Saturday, April 6, 2013

Using your Generator.....what can you really run with it?

 I realize I must be so far gone, because I see this item as a thing of beauty.  This is a Coleman Powermate Generator.  We bought this after we weathered a category 5 Hurricane and were without power for nearly a week.  What was really funny at the time was all the people who called to see if we had a generator...and if we did they were asking to borrow it. Really? I found that request to be very, very bold!

However, I digress. We didn't have one and really found out that we really needed Rooster Senior went out and purchased this sweet little machine.

So...does that mean that we have met all our power needs now just because we have this item.  Soooo not!  You need to know what your generator can run and for how long.  How do you figure that out?  Well, thanks to our friends at Home Depot, they offer a brochure that allows you to see what it takes to run your fun little appliances by generator.

This gives you an idea by wattage.

This form allows you to do your own calculations.  I would recommend that you figure this out before you need to rely on your Generator.  

Another important piece of information is that you should start-up your Generator when you first get it, and then monthly to ensure that it works.  Nothing could be worse to have the device and then not have it in working order when you need it.  I know people that this has happened to.

Finally, have a way to secure your Generator to something that is fixed and not moveable.  My  sister shared the following story with me.  It happened to a friend of hers.  The family was in the middle of an ice storm and pulled out their Generator to use.  They set it up outside as the directions indicated.  They could hear it functioning.  Suddenly, the lights started to dim and but they still heard a motor running.  The family went outside to investigate. Without them knowing it, they had been the victims of theft.  Someone had started a lawnmower and left it running as they confiscated the Generator.  What is the lesson here?  Have a way to chain your device to something permanent.

Sooo, do you have a Generator?  There are so many makes and models, so please do your homework to find out what works for you.  Also, consider stopping by Home Depot and picking up one of these Brochures.  It's worth your time.

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