Saturday, April 27, 2013

Expires at Midnight.....

Why am I posting a picture of an empty parking lot?

Here is another view....

Here is the same parking lot about a week ago.

Here is another view.

Today, everyone moved out of the Raintree Apartments.

Last week, there was a 4-Stake Fireside where the boundaries of the 4 Stakes were altered.  In addition, 6 wards simply.....were....dissolved.....effective at Midnight on 4-27-13.  This date and time were important as the leadership wanted to ensure that every student had a Bishop....until they moved out.  The meeting was really amazing, lots of boundary changes, ward name changes, and  Bishopric changes.  

Before the meeting began, I happened to sit next to a member of our YSA Stake Presidency.  I inquired to see if I might ask a few questions of him, and he willingly said he would.  Reportedly, the Stake Presidency was informed in January that this complex would become a Second MTC at the end of the semester   Reportedly, the 4 Stake Presidents provided the General authorities with suggestions on how this could be accomplished.  

Changes that will most likely be taking place at the facility:

  • Each apartment that had housed 6 students will now house 12 missionaries as bunk beds will be installed.
  • The large parking lot in the back will have temporary building for feed the missionaries.  
  • There has been some talk/reporting that some of the buildings will be remodeled to make classrooms available.

Elder Steven J Lund was presiding at this special 4-Stake Conference.  Not only did he carry out the changes listed above, but he also shared more information.  

When it was announced that the  Benemerito de las Americas high school would also be transformed into an MTC in Mexico, some were concerned that the educational opportunities for a High School opportunity would no longer be available to members in Mexico.  Elder Lund explained that originally this school was built as there was no opportunity for a High School education available over 40 years ago.  Currently, Mexico reportedly now does offer High school, so about 5-6 years ago, the decision was made to close the facility at the end of this school year.  Reportedly there had been a discussion about selling the facility.  This is where the glorious plan of the Lord came into play.  With the recent increase in Missionaries applying to serve, this facility could easily be transformed as it had dormitories, cafeterias, classrooms, and staff.  

Elder Lund also mentioned a new Visa that Mexico is offering that can be received in a little as 2 months if the applicant is going to learn the language or be in the country for educational purposes.    Can you think of anything more perfect for a missionary?

A bit of irony....some of our very own students will now be returning to work as they were already employed at the MTC.

So, what do students do when they know they have to move out....disperse, and finals are over?  Have a bonfire  to burn any homework or notes that are no longer needed...all while roasting Hot dogs and Marshmallows in the Fire pit. There were also midnight runs for waffles, and movie nights.  We must not forget that there were also several celebrating their long awaited Graduations.

Reportedly there was an 'all night cleaning party" on the last night...with much goofing around until 4:00 a.m.  

One other thing that I found very important.  Reportedly President Monson sent a letter to our YSA Stake President indicating that all the records of all the students needed to be sent to their next home and not to Church Headquarters.  Again, this was important so that every student had a Bishop. Our wonderful Clerks spent the last few weeks gathering addresses of either the next apartment or a home address as some students just didn't know where they were going to land.  Extra efforts to complete Home Teaching and Visiting Teaching were also made.

None-the-less, this chapter of our Young Single Adult's lives closing, However, it allows for new Missionary opportunities that will impact the future of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the world.   How amazing it has been for our little ward to witness this small little piece of Church History.

The Lord works in mysterious ways.....his wonders to perform...

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