Saturday, March 2, 2013

Why lies behind these doors...revisited

These are my actual cabinets.  A few years ago, I showed you what I had behind them. You can see the 'before' here.  It worked functionally, but as with my pantry (that I posted about a few days ago) it became frustrating as 'certain folks' would stick things...wherever they felt like it.  I decided today is the day to address this space, so I picked up a few things to help me.

I let my fingers do the walking....on my computer.  I purchased these 'clips' to hold my small spice containers.  I liked how you could put up a whole strip or just cut them individually to fit your space.  You may note that one clip is not filled...this is by design.  I actually put a red "X" in it so that 'certain folks' would not put a container in that space.  There is a real reason, which I will provide to you later in the post.

I used these same clips on another door to hold these bottles.  Most of these are plastic bottles, but surprisingly, the glass bottles are also held securely with these clips as well.  I had to shuffle some of them to allow for the cabinet closure.  Can you see the space between rows 2 and 3?  this is to allow for the shelf when the doors are closed.

For this section, I used 'stair step racks'.  I am using two types.  Two of them I already had, but the third (clear) rack I ordered here.    Please note the labels that I put on the lids and I arranged these bottles in alphabetical order so that I can easily locate what I am looking for.  As you can see, there is some space under the wire racks, so I put my Popsicle sticks, toothpicks, and food colors underneath them.  

Put my big square (plastic) bottles on their sides and labeled their contents.  I got tired of pulling bottles out of the cabinet and looking for the spices I needed.  This way, I can see what I have and easily pull it off the shelf.  Most of these containers are square, but 2 have sides that are angled.  They will work even if they are not perfectly square!

On the top shelf, I used the baskets that I took out of the Pantry when I reorganized it.  They are filled with duplicates spices that I found that I had.

Here is one side of the cabinet.

And, here is the other side.  I did keep one lazy-susan for the miscellaneous items that I need. Remember that 'clip' that I put an 'x' on? Well, if I put a spice jar in that slot, the jar will hit the top edge of the lazy-susan and the door will not close.  I think I can live with that!  You can also see some of the spines of my bit cookbooks peeking through from the next compartment:).

Here's the finished product.  I absolutely love it!  I look forward to making 'anything' now that I can easily find things both in my Pantry and my spice cabinet.  

See what you can do to make your kitchen easier to function in!


Chef Owings said...

I am glad to see that I am not the only one with many spices...I actually went to a built in spice cabinet that was originally a china cupboard.

Blessed Be Chef Juls

The Little Red Hen said...

Wow, that is really wonderful. I know I could learn a thing or two from you!

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