Sunday, March 17, 2013

Food Processing....powerless!

I am still on my "Powerless kick" and I purchased this  recently.  I love my traditional (electric) Food Processor, but got to thinking about powerless cooking.  Just because there is no power doesn't mean that you won't be chopping of cutting items for meals.  I thought back on my youth and the hand-pump type of chopper that we used to chop onions and nuts. I recall having a bruised palm and didn't really want to use that device.  So......I went looking (aka shopping!!).

This is a Chef'n Veggie Chop.  I love it for several reasons:

It comes with a bowl, a lid (with a pull-string) an insert with very, very sharp blades, and a lid to put on the bowl if you wish.

I decided to give it a 'test-run'.  I cut a medium-sized onion into quarters.  I place one quarter in the device.

The device works with a pull-string (think the pulling rope on a lawn-mower).  Here is that quarter onion after only 3 pulls.

I decided to put in the entire onion.  This is what it looked like after 10 pulls.  Not bad huh?

This ring slips over the top of the 'white knob'.  But, when you are ready to chop, secure the lid to the base and grasp the ring.

You would keep one hand on the base and the second hand would be used to pull the string and spin the blades inside the device.  (I needed Rooster Senior to help me because I couldn't hold, pull, and shoot pictures at the same time!)

Since the Onion was such as success, I decided to try a Green Pepper.

This was the result of just over 10 string-pulls.

The base has a rubber ring to grasp to the surface you are using.

It also comes with a snap-on lid to keep the contents in a bowl if you wish.

I would strongly recommend this device.  I am not going to wait until I have no power. This is so easy to take out and use instead of lugging out my big electric one, plugging it in, and then repacking it to put away.  I think I will uses this for most chopping needs that I may have.  It's easy to clean as well. Just toss everything but the lid in the dishwasher.  The lid must be cleaned by hand and not submerged (think of the string, it would hold water and expand).

Take Home Points:
  • Light weight:  You could take it camping with you
  • Easy to clean
  • Very sharp very careful when cleaning them.
  • Does not take big 'muscles' to operate
  • Small enough to fit in a drawer.

So, consider it!


beyondbaffled said...

Wow, I adore this! I too spend alot of time wondering just how I would do every day things if the power were out for a long period of time. And with the storms (and flooding) we've had where I live you just don't know when it could happen. My salad spinner has a pull string similar to this and I love it too. Even better that I can buy this through Amazon. I'll have to put it on my wish list for the next time I save some rewards up! Great post and review - thanks!

The Little Red Hen said...

Thank you for your comment! Amazon is the only place I had seen this item and they delivered right to my doorstep! If you get one, feel free to let us know what you think of it. Thanks again for stopping by!

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