Sunday, February 3, 2013

Transporting Food....for "Break-The-Fast".

This is a small 'sample' of the Young Single Adult Students who were attending the "Break the Fast" meal that we had today.  For those who may be unfamiliar with Fast Sunday, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints  sets aside the first Sunday of the Month as "Fast Sunday". The intent is usually two-fold.  One reason to do this is for the opportunity to fast for a specific reason or for an individual or individuals who are needing special blessings which helps us to be more sensitive to the spirit. The second reason to Fast is to donate the monies that you would have spent on the two meals that you miss.  These sacred funds are then used to assist individuals or families in need.  

A tradition in our ward/congregation is for each apartment to bring food to a common area and share. The members of the Bishopric also bring food. I tend to bring a lot because I remember how meager my funds were when I was in college.  Plus, I have a lot of Food Storage and am happy to share it.

I purchased a new 'tool'.  This is a Crock pot brand slow cooker.  I love this thing.....I really do.  Here are some of the reasons why.

See this panel? It allows you to program how long you wish to cook your food and you can choose from either high or low.  Although this is great, I still love it for a couple of other reasons. See the red dial?  Well, it is a meter that shows how hot your food is inside of the unit.....whether it is plugged in or not. 

This is one of the reasons that I purchased it.  I have to 'travel' with the food I bring to "Break the Fast" as well as for other activities.  It is really important that I know if the food is still in the 'safe zone' and this device allows me to do that.

Here is the other reason I purchased it.  The lid clips on for travel.  I realize that the liner obscures the 'hook' located on the bottom portion, but just know it is there.  The silver loop in the lid is slipped over the 'hook' and the black tab snaps down to hold the lid in place. The lid also has a gasket that helps avoid little slips and spills. This is critical for me while I am transporting food in it.

I also took a second Crock pot full of Broccoli.  I used rubber bands to hold the lid on during transport. I tied 2 together.  I attached one end to a side handle (see above) and then I threaded the rubber bands through the loop on the lid and through the handle on the opposite side.  I then put a wooden skewer in the rubber band under the handle to hold the rubber band in place.  

This is a 3rd Crock pot that I had corn in.  I used 2 rubber bands to hold on this lid.  Each rubber band went over the knob of the lid and under the solid handles on each side.

There is a reason that these are encased in blankets.  All three Crock pots are in this tub.  One is covered in a blanket and the other two are about to be.

It doesn't look lovely, but it is functional.  I have essentially made a "hay box" to keep these foods warm while I drive from my home to the "Break-the Fast" meal.  Here, the tub in on my back seat.

Did it work?  Yes!  Here is the Lemon Chicken.  It made it just fine as did the Broccoli and the Corn.

Using an Emergency Preparedness mindset and skills can help you with everyday situations.  The skills enable you to do many transport lots of food safely for a large group of hungryYoung Single Adults.

Try it! 

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